May 24, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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Protect Your Family From Disaster!

The truth is our economy is collapsing. It’s going to hell in a hand basket and quickly. It’s not that we are waiting for a collapse to happen. It’s HAPPENING right NOW. We have the highest debt in the history of the world. We have a private bank known as the Federal Reserve that gets to print billions of dollars every month and give it to their friends and special interest groups all over the world. Then we, the taxpayer, get to pay the interest on these billions.


We have over 50 million people on food stamps and entitlement programs that are out of control and impossible to afford. The middle class is dwindling and will soon fail to exist.

The question is not is there going to be a collapse. The question is are you going to be prepared to survive it? Right now in Greece, teachers are reporting that children are begging other children for food. Greece is in shambles. Just a few years ago Greece had a thriving and strong middle class. Now they are rioting in the streets and families are starving to death. That’s coming home to America very soon. It’s already happening all over the country.

You need to get prepared and you need to do it yesterday. Time is out! I’ve put together 5 steps that I believe we all need to take to protect our families and survive the most horrific financial collapse the world has ever seen.



Take care of your finances. Make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. As we saw in Cyprus, the government or the banisters can and will just take your money. Keep some money at home. Make sure it’s in a safe place. You also need to protect your wealth by having some real money like gold and silver. Get yourself out of debt and reduce your expenses. Starting a side business so that you’re not completely relying on an employer can also be very helpful for protecting your financial future.

Food & Water

Food and water storage is crucial to your families survival. Make sure you have enough food and water to feed your family for at least one year. Get started on this now, stop waiting! You can buy storable food from Mypatriotsupply or go to your local grocery and load up on can goods and other foods that can be easily stored and have a long shelf life. More importantly, than food is water. Make sure you have a way to provide clean drinkable water for your family. You can not live past three days without water.


None of your food, water, and other survival products are going to do you any good if you have no way to defend it. When times get desperate, people will do desperate things. Like Gerald Celente says, “When people lose everything and have nothing else to loose, they loose it.” Make sure that you have ammo for your firearms. A firearm is nothing more than a paperweight without ammo and ammo is becoming more and more challenging to get.

Community and location

This is crucial. If you live in a big city, you need to get out! Being in a big city during an economic and social meltdown will be the worse place in the world to be. Getting out of the city once it all tumbles down will be next to impossible. The streets will become a parking lot. Try to get as far away from the nearest large city as possible. You also need a community of like-minded people. Going at this alone is a bad plan. Other people bring other abilities to the table. You can accomplish more as a group than you can alone. You can also defend your land from looters and those who want to harm you as a group better than you ever could alone.


I believe this to be the most important. The ability to SURVIVE. Take the time to educate yourself.Learn how to grow your own food. How to hunt for your own food. How to get water and filter it. Most people have no idea how to do any of these things. Even something as simple as starting a fire to stay warm or to cook food is lost on a majority of the population. In a mass chaos situation, you may find yourself having to evacuate your home and evacuate quickly. You may not have time to gather all your food, water, and survival supplies. It’s crucial to have some idea how to live off the land. Don’t the just research it either. Go out and practice. Start a fire just using what you can find in nature and a flint. Start a garden and learn how to grow your own vegetables by doing, not just by researching. Go hunting and learn how to trap or shoot your own game. Learn how to identify what plants are edible and which are poisonous.


It’s never too late to start

There is no preparation more important than preparing to survive. Even if a mass financial collapse never comes, a natural disaster may. You should always be prepared to take on the unexpected so that you can provide and protect not only yourself but those whom you love. It’s never too late to get started. Even if you can only do a tiny bit at a time, it’s better than doing nothing. Start taking your future seriously and get started today.