The Origin of Gold
The Origin of Gold and Silver Currency
August 31, 2016
what is the value of gold
What is the Value of Gold?
September 6, 2016
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Gold Facts – Things you didn’t know about gold

gold facts

There is so much information in today’s circulation about the world of economics. However, most are false and misleading. Although this article will not touch on all of the aspects of this misinformation, it will impart a basic idea of what is really happening economically on a worldwide scale. These facts will provide you with insight in regards to the monetary system as well as how the government uses it to their own advantage.

The most common misconception which is propagated by the government is that today’s currency holds value when in fact, it holds none. It is all an illusion that was created so that the public can be more easily controlled. Currency should just be considered a means of robbing us of both our time and freedom. This is because the currency is not backed by anything of worth and so, therefore, it is not true money. Gold is the only true Money ~ J P Morgan.

Another misconception is that there is no way to prevent financial ruin when the day comes where the monetary system inevitably collapses. Although it is true that the system will self-destruct, there will be a massive transfer of wealth of which history has never seen the likes of. There is an opportunity for those who seek it. Many people and companies are already investing in precious metals like gold which will eventually take the place of fiat currency